Friday, December 19, 2008

Return of The Neikro Knuckler?

So, I just learned that Lance Neikro is making a comeback as a knuckleball pitcher. Lance is the former first base prospect for the Giants who went bust. His dad, Joe, recently passed away and way too young, but won over 200 games as a knuckler. Lance's uncle is Braves great and Hall of Famer Phil Neikro. Phil is even helping Lance develop the pitch, which he has played with since he was 13.

I've heard that constant trial and error is what makes the good knucklers more successful. No one would have better access to trial and error knowledge than Lance. The funny part is that if he were successful, he could play for another 18 years or so. Below is a video of him warming up for the one inning of pro pitching he did as a minor leaguer years ago. Here's hoping he'll be good.

Here's a humorous take on Lance's story.

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