Thursday, December 4, 2008

The World of the Knuckleball

Well, I'm a big baseball fan, especially of the Atlanta Braves. This is my first foray into baseball blogging, though I'm a frequent reader at I've always been a fan of the mysterious pitch known as the knuckleball, which is the niche I have chosen as the focus of this blog. Hopefully this will go well and I can semi-regularly post about this difficult to master and hit pitch.

So, my first bit of news is about this Japanese high school girl, Eri Yoshida, who was signed to a pro team in Japan. Based on reaction from blogs, most people think this is just a publicity stunt. Personally, I would love it if this girl had talent. In some ways, the gender segregation of sports doesn't add up. In some sports, the best females are often better than the worst males, meaning some females could fill the 25th and possibly 24th spot on rosters just as easily as the males who make up spot 24 or 25.

Anyway, the neat thing about Yoshida is that she wants to be like Tim Wakefield, the ageless BoSox hurler who is the last above average knuckler in the majors. I sure hope another like him comes along soon.

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